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We're always making new beers. For a full list of whats available and prices please email us.


Strawberry and Basil mixed culture, aged Saison

A beer we brewed with the team from the Pilcrow last December. It was intended to be released fresh but we were never 100% happy with it -the fruit just didnt punch - so it got put into a stainless tank for storage whilst we scratched our collective chins as to how to improve it.

It was decided that we would age it with our house brett and a mixture of acidity producing bacteria. 

Incredibly refreshing, great fruit punch and reasonably complex for its low abv.

4 % ABV.

Available from 23rd July

Iced Tea Saison 

Our un-aged saison with grapefruit, lime and lemon zest and a small addition of green tea at the end of the boil

3.8% ABV

Available now

IMG_0019 Crop.jpg

Coming Soon




Pale Ale Extra Hop

Light in colour and hazy with a medium body. Orange, grapefruit nose. Citrus and pine with a smooth bitter finish.

4.5% ABV

Available now.





Lychee & Rose Martini Saison

Pale in colour, delicate mouthfeel. Aromas and flavours of fresh lychee and rose water. Soft, dry bitter finish.

4% ABV