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We're always making new beers. For a full list of whats available and prices please email us.



Dark ruby red, medium dry, caramel, coffee, milk chocolate.

6% ABV.

Pale Ale

Pale strawlike color, dry, delicate and crisp. Aroma hops change batch to batch.

4.5% ABV

Lemongrass Saison 

Very light colour, big citrus/lemongrass nose, dry delicate mouthfeel similar to a pilsner. Very refreshing. 

4% ABV

Lemon & Thyme Saison

Very light colour, zesty, dry and some acidity from the lemon tempered by the subtle herbal addition. 

4% ABV

India Pale Ale

Deep golden hue - dry, rich and moreish. Aroma hops change batch to batch.

6.5% ABV


Very dark, coffee, stewed fruits, dark chocolate. Big roast and acidity, very rich.

7.4% ABV

X Ale

Historical X ale recipes from different time periods and breweries. Light or dark strong or weak. This beer has been many things at many times.

ABV varies