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He-Man has left the building

Partizan Brewing

Lets raise a glass to him!


As many of you already know, one of Earths finest humans Chris John Jude Heaney has hung up his wellys to pursue his first love, the arts, bidding us an emotional farewell at the end of the year. We wish him the very best for the future. You will be dearly missed. Big love JJ.

Chris has been with us since the very earliest days. A huge loss for us at Partizan though we feel incredibly privileged to have worked alongside this blond bombshell for so long  and are incredibly excited to see what he will do next.

His last brew will be going into keg next Monday and we will have it on the bar next Friday (12th Jan) - Our first ever Friday opening! The beer is a pina colada inspired double dryhopped NEIPA with the faintest touch of Sorachi and a tonne of juice hops bringing the pineapple. A daring, complex but instantly approachable and lovable beer not unlike the man himself who some say could defeat Grayskulls Skeletor should Eternia ever find itself in need.

The beer is called Tropical Rubicon Courage - Double J Eruditely enlightens ere...

Ever anticipate something so much - 'pre-living' the adventure over and over, desperate for it to fulfil the heady heights of your wildest dreams, sure that the experience will be an utterly transformative one; but in actuality, find that when it comes around it just doesn't quite deliver? 

In these times of huge hype, small release, super fresh, super hoppy, blink-and-they're-gone beers, there are often a slew of loyal acolytes somehow left a little crestfallen when the dust has settled. Not on our watch! With Tropical Rubicon Courage - named for a tongue in cheek reference to track 'Cupid' by smashing London four piece The Big Moon, we trust that unlike the song's eponymous character, this particular fruity delight will not disappoint - much like the tune, it's a real indie banger! And there's plenty to go around...


As its our first Friday and it is to launch a very special beer/bid a Partizan hero farewell. We will be partying like it is March or even April. We'll have a foodtruck for the first time! Be spinning all Chris' favourite tunes and be inviting people to take the great man on himself in a series of bar games - crazy prizes at stake! 

We will be open from 5pm until 11pm and will be open these hours every week.

This is also very excitingly the first time we will have beer ready to pre-order through Eebria. The beer will be kegged next Tuesday. It will be possible to have the beer delivered to you by Friday so you can have the beer as fresh as we are serving it here at our launch party anywhere in the UK. Link to pre-order the kegs here



Fare thee well Christopher   

Fare thee well Christopher




PARTY ----> Goodbye Almond Road - Sat Oct 28 - 11AM to 10 PM

Partizan Brewing

Partizan Brewing Ltd has the honour and privilege of inviting you, the brewery faithful, to our final day serving beer in our original Almond Road railway arch location. 


Saturday, 28 October  

11 AM——>10 PM

8 Almond Road, 

South Bermondsey, SE16 3LR

This taproom swan song will bring together a slew of our beers - some old faithfuls and some more unusual brews - as well as bringing in beer from our closest industry friends who have helped us out over the past five years.  Five years!  You see, our move brings us close enough to our fifth year, too - so we thought it should be a bit of a double-header.  Together we can sling beers while we reminisce about where we’ve come, where we’re going and the people that helped us get here.  To aid with this cathartic musing, we will be bringing in kegs from Beavertown, Kernel, Brew by Numbers, Magic Rock and Redemption.  There is a solid chance that we will not have a functioning credit card payment machine - so please come armed with cash!  There will be music…

The following week, we officially relocate to our new site at 34 Raymouth Road, where we will continue to operate from 12 to 8 as usual, every Saturday.  Launch Party: Early 2018.


White Russian Imperial Stout

Partizan Brewing

So i had dinner earlier this year with the very charming and inspiring Alex Kratena who we had worked with previously on the Negroni project, mostly to discuss a series of talks he's doing this summer with P(our) targeted at  professional bar peoples in the beer industry. It wasn't really the intention but we came up with quite a lot of exciting ideas for beers too which we will now be trying to brew over the course of the next year or so. 

The first one, pictured here is the White Russian Imperial Stout, quite obviously inspired by 'White Russian' cocktails and Russian export Imperial Stouts.

The recipe is very simple - a very traditional mix of Roasted, brown (similar roast profile to filter coffee beans) and pale malt with the addition of lactose for creaminess and coffee from our good friends at has-bean for well...  coffee-ness.

There are two casks out there already, one is going on at the Harp in Covent garden this Thursday, which all the Partizan team will be at and it was also on over the weekend at the Crown and Anchor in Brixton - Both lovely lovely pubs. Go have a look.

We're not going to give too much away about the next beer but here is a little teaser