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An archive of beers we've made that are no longer available.


Imp stout V1,2,3 

Very dark, rich, sweet and acidic, a recipe from a London brewery circa 1914. V1 is the original recipe, versions 2 and 3 have modern twists.

10 % ABV.

Sold out. November 2016

Stout Coffee  

Our regular stout with Finca Bella vista, Yellow Honey process, Caturra coffee beans added.

7.4% ABV

Sold out. November 2016

Rhubarb & Ginger Saison

Very light colour, huge acidity from the rhubarb balanced with a gentle ginger spice.

4 % ABV.

Sold out. September 2016.

Raspberry & Lemon Saison  

Raspberry & Lemon Saison 

3.8% ABV

Sold out. September 2016. 

Celebration Ale  

In celebration of Andy's new son. 

8.8% ABV

Sold out. September 2016.